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In the middle of months of a standoff between two tech giants, Apple and Facebook, over the former's proposed IOS14 privacy reforms. There are about 900 million active iPhones in the world and about 72% of them are running on IOS14.

The new reforms in the App Tracking Transparency in IOS14 will just require that they ask for your permission first. Now, this new policy gets in the way of Facebook's target advertising strategy.

Now, surely with Facebook in the line of fire for selling the user's information, people are not going to allow the App to track your information. Tim Cook's tweet came only after Facebook ran full-page ads for 2 straight days on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post saying "We're standing up to Apple for small business everywhere". 

Apple's App Transparency Feature

The lastest IOS14 update rolled out a few months ago, adds the privacy labels to apps. The feature will also show what kind of data will be shared when downloading the app from the App Store. 

Facebook runs on Target Advertising but when users are given an option regarding the same they will choose not to share their data which is a big problem for Facebook. Facebook says "While limiting how personalized ads can be used does impact larger companies like us, these changes will be devastating to small businesses adding too many challenges they face right now".

Meanwhile, Apple hits back saying, "When invasive tracking is your business model, you tend not to welcome transparency and customer choice".

The internal politics

Both these tech giants have been beefing and both of these companies have a very different business model. Apple has been criticizing Facebook over the years for its entire business model based on "collecting gobs of data" and monetizing its customers. 

Facebook hits back saying that all that Apple does is sell expensive products and controls the entire experience emphasizing privacy. All of this led to Facebook unverified Apple on Facebook. The company removed the blue tick from Apple's official Facebook page. 

As per reports, the employees of the social media giant said that it was hiding its bad privacy settings behind small businesses.




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